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This knife flies with its tip always facing the target, due to the gyroscopical effect of its spin around his longitudinal axis, generated by the friction between the tip of the index finger and the resting surface when letting go the knife.

Prior to throwing:

  1. Make sure nobody is standing in front of you as he could be injured.
  2. Stand about 30 ft. (10 m) from the target.
  3. Hold the knife as follows: The index finger goes into the hole in the handle (Picture B). Thumb and middle finger now take hold of the knife, they rest firmly on the little grooves in the handle. The sharp side of the blade faces to the ground.
  4. Now let your arm dangle at your side, blade up, test the knife's weight, get used to the sensation of its weight on your fingertip.

Throwing Instructions:

  1. Flex your arm and hold the knife about shoulder height (Picture A), with the tip facing forwards. Throw it like a spear, or better like you would throw a little ball.
  2. Keep your arm, wrist and fingers relaxed throughout the throw, so as to maintain the sensation of the knife`s weight at the tip of your index finger.
  3. Find the knife release point, which is the moment you take your thumb and middle finger off the handle, and the knife rests only on your index finger tip (Picture C). This moment coincides with the start of the automatic downward wrist movement.
  4. Now let the knife slip off your fingertip.

In Short:

  1. Be relaxed!
  2. Feel the sensation of the weight on your fingertip!
  3. Let the knife slip from the tip!

Shorter still:

  1. Feel the weight!


  1. To feel the knife`s weight during the throw, it is necessary to have the arm relaxed.
  2. Feeling the weight throughout the throw, you instinctively release the knife at the right point, letting it slip from your fingertip by itself.


  1. Throw the knife exactly as you would throw a little ball with the same three fingers, in the height of your shoulder. Just try with a little stone first!
  2. After the knife release point, follow the hand movement with decision.
  3. First try to learn the way of throwing, then go for accuracy. It is therefore convenient to start with a really big target.


Picture A

Picture A

Picture B

Picture B

Picture C

Picture C